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 Our History

Our Company’s progressive vision began more than 65 years ago with the founding of Fort Wayne Tool and Die in 1941.  Fort Wayne Tool and Die designed and manufactured the first commercially available stator winding equipment. In 1965 Fort Wayne Tool and Die began manufacturing flyer winders and coil inserters. During 1971 Windamatic Systems was established, to produce an improved method for the winding of in-slot stators featuring our intermitter oscillator technology. The intermitter oscillator allows our machine to accommodate any number of poles without any changes to the machine. The intermitter oscillator set the standard for the industry and our Company flourished. Beginning in 1977 Windamatic marketed fully automated stator winding systems. As our customers became familiar with our excellent design, features, and quality, they asked us to design and build insertion style winding equipment. In 1984 we obliged, with our first shed winder and coil inserter. In 1987 Windamatic Systems merged with Pease Machine and Tool and formed Pease Windamatic. This merger provided our company with greater capabilities for the design and manufacture of toolings. Along with the merger we acquired the winding business of Fort Wayne Tool and Die and Essex Fort Wayne. Today we continue to support the Pease Windamatic, Fort Wayne Tool and Die and Essex Fort Wayne brands.
Our company continued to build the highest quality automated systems and stand-alone machines throughout the rest of the 1980s and 90s. At the start of the New Millennium we introduced our 4500 and 4506 high speed full featured and low cost shed winders. The 4500 series have set the standard in shed winding technology, including all servo controlled jump, transfer tool index and wire handling During 2005 Windamatic introduced our latest servo controlled moveable needle system for our in-slot winders. This system has significantly increased available slot fills, while at the same time decreasing scrap. In 2007 we developed our Programmable Active Wire Control System for our In-slot winders. This system significantly reduces the slack that develops during winding at the top and bottom of the stroke. This enables us to increase winding speeds and improves the precision at which the coil is wound. In 2008 Windamatic developed the first available servo controlled oscillation adjustment, for high speed in-slot winders. This technology allows the machine to change the oscillation adjustment from 0-180 degrees through the computer controlled interface, allowing the oscillation to handle any number of pole configurations, with just the push of a button. With this innovative system you can now have the flexibility advantages of a servo indexing style machine, while maintaining the speed of a mechanical oscillation unit up to 1200 RPMs.
We hope that this brief history of our company gives you some insight as to where we have been and where we are going.
Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality systems with the latest technology all backed with the best service in the industry.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Windamatic Systems website. Each of us looks forward to consulting with you on your upcoming projects, and providing our expertise to your unique operation.

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